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Tupapa man arrested on drug charges

Friday April 20, 2018 Written by Published in Crime
Over 60 bags containing cannabis were ceased during the raid. Over 60 bags containing cannabis were ceased during the raid.

A Tupapa man will face charges relating to the supply of cannabis after being arrested on Wednesday afternoon.

Police, who executed a search warrant on his house and property, say further drug-related charges may be laid against the man.

A number of cannabis plants, some over two metres tall, were seized in the raid. Police also found drug-related utensils, dried cannabis, potted cannabis plants, and over 60 bags containing cannabis.

Detective Inspector Areumu Ingaua says the police have gained “solid information” from this latest bust and the charges are serious. They say they will pursue maximum sentences for people convicted on similar charges.

On August 17 last year, the police executed a search warrant on a family home in Arorangi. They discovered 65 cannabis plants in various stages of growth.

However, the defendants escaped imprisonment after Justice Potter determined the operation was not of a commercial nature.

The police say Tuesday’s raid should serve as a warning about people possessing “broader knowledge” of drug-related activity and the use of private property for drug-related activities. Ingaua says charges can “escalate” according to the extent of involvement or knowledge.

A single charge of cultivating cannabis carries a maximum sentence of 20 years’ imprisonment. The arrested man was remanded in custody and will appear in the High Court today.

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