Drinking –and dancing, prompts complain

Tuesday March 06, 2018 Written by Published in Crime

Cook Islands Police on Rarotonga responded to several incidents over the weekend, most of them involving offenders in varying states of intoxication.

After police received a complaint on Saturday morning about someone “drinking and dancing around” on a hotel balcony, a man was apprehended and charged with being unlawfully found at a hotel establishment.

The man admitted his actions to police when apprehended on Sunday and will appear in court this Thursday.

Also on Saturday morning, police spotted a motorbike carrying three people. The driver was breath tested and arrested for being over the alcohol limit.

And police have checked up on the registered owner of a red Yamaha motorbike that was being driven by an alleged drunk driver in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The man was spotted at an open-all-hours petrol station and an attempt was made to stop him from driving, but was unsuccessful.

Police have also followed up on the registration of a vehicle reported as driving dangerously at the same location, also early in the morning.

The vehicle was followed and a call was made to police about it driving in the wrong lane.

And in the wake of a recent reported incident involving the theft of a mobile phone and cash from under a motorbike seat at the Nikao Social Centre, Cook Islands Police are urging people not to leave their valuables underneath their motorcycle seats.

“Police continue to receive complaints of theft from motorbikes left unattended,” a police spokesman said.

“At any beachside spot, whether during the day or evening, it is advisable not to leave items under the seat while you are occupied in the lagoon.

“This space may be handy for carrying your belongings, but locked or not, it is not safe.”


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