Police ‘regret’ blunder

Thursday March 01, 2018 Written by Published in Crime

Cook Islands Police have acknowledged their failure to deliver Court Summons notices to two alleged offenders, one of whom was later arrested.


Two invalid bench warrants were issued last week for the arrest of two women who were alleged to have been driving carelessly and without a helmet

Police have been forced to apologise to the family of one of the apparent offenders.

They are in the process of contacting the other to address the error made in the prosecution procedure, says Police Spokesperson Trevor Pitt.

He states in an email to CINews that “the use of the holding cell was unfortunate although part of normal procedure for Bench Warrants” and adds that the blunder is “a regrettable mistake”.

It is unknown if the woman who was placed in a holding cell has started the process to file a formal complaint, but it is understood she may entitled to redress for the incident

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