Wedding visitor ends up in court

Tuesday January 09, 2018 Written by Published in Crime
The offender had to be restrained and was handcuffed after assaulting a police officer. The offender had to be restrained and was handcuffed after assaulting a police officer.

A New Zealander visiting Rarotonga to attend a wedding, ended up in court on Friday after being arrested on Thursday night.


In a report posted on social media on Friday night, media consultant Trevor Pitt said the man was apprehended by police near a town nightclub after a window of a vehicle was smashed. People were in the car at the time. 

Police were transporting the man to the Avarua Headquarters when an officer was allegedly assaulted several times. The offender had to be restrained and was handcuffed.

The man appeared on three charges: assault on a police officer; resisting police and wilful damage.

“No plea was taken and the court denied a police prosecution application to have the man remanded in custody,” said Pitt.

The court bailed the defendant with six conditions, including the immediate surrender of his passport. He was also banned from consuming or purchasing alcohol. He will reappear on 11 January 2018.

Meanwhile, after two road incidents being reported to police on Thursday, Pitt says the stupidity of some drivers around Rarotonga continues to baffle the police.

“Especially as people are still getting caught and paying the penalty for their behaviour on the road.”

A minor accident occurred on the back road of Rutaki when a man came off his motorbike after straying off the road and sliding in mud. At Matavera, a visitor from Tahiti needed an ambulance when he crashed his motorbike near the CIFA grounds. He lost control of the bike and went into a taro patch, injuring his leg.

Pitt said another person had been nabbed by police on Wednesday night for driving around with a person lying on the bonnet of a car.

“This incident was mentioned on Facebook and reported to the police by a witness.”

Again on Wednesday, a man was caught driving at night with two passengers on a motorbike even though he had been warned not to by a local.

“One sure way to ruin a holiday is to take unnecessary risks on the road and face the consequences,” Pitt said.

“Some are also breaking the law by riding motorbikes with passengers in front of the driver.

“This is absolutely dangerous and risky, particularly as it is often a young child put in the vulnerable position.

“The police want to hear from anyone who observes any illegal activity on the road. Take a full description and details of the vehicle and report any incident on 22499.

“Stupidity on the road will have consequences.”       - Release


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