Assaults, violence, continuing issues

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Assaults continue to be a problem on the island, with police responding to two complaints over the weekend.


They also attended four callouts involving domestic violence. Five people were arrested on charges of common assault, dangerous driving causing injury, driving with excess blood alcohol and motor vehicle crashes. All will appear in the Avarua High Court this week.

At around 4.30pm on Friday police responded to a callout in Upper Tupapa involving a couple who were arguing in their car. During the argument the female assaulted her partner. Police investigations into the incident are continuing.

The following night at 7.47 police investigated a complaint of assault in Matavera village. A young male was arrested and will appear before the Avarua High Court this week.

At 2.47am on Saturday a woman asked police for help as her husband who was under the influence of alcohol was causing trouble and damaging their property. However, before police arrived, the man left the scene. The complainant moved to a family residence for the night. 

On Saturday night at 11.09pm police responded to a call from Aroa where a couple were involved in a dispute over finances and property. The complainant was under the influence of alcohol. Both received counselling.

At 11.41pm on Saturday night police were called to a family dispute in Tupapa. The dispute turned out to be over unfinished chores and was settled between all parties.

A verbal argument involving a young couple in Betela village, Arorangi, prompted another police callout at 2.55am on Sunday. The two were found to be under the influence of alcohol and were warned to stop causing trouble.

Police responded to two complaints of excessive noise over the weekend from the villages of Kavera and Nikao.

At around 11.15 on Friday night police responded to complaints of noise coming from a Kavera residence. The owner of the property was spoken to and warned. A noise complaint from Nikao was received at 12.59am. Police found the noise was coming from a business complex that was closed for the night. The owner of the business was contacted and the source of the noise turned off.

On a positive note, there were no reports of thefts or burglaries over the weekend – a happy departure from recent trends. However, police continue to remind visitors and residents to be vigilant in keeping homes and businesses secure at all times.

There were four motor vehicle crashes between Friday and Sunday. On Friday at 1.27pm, police attended an incident where a motorcycle rider had fallen at the Turoa bridge.

There was another call at 1.46pm when police were called to a crash in Tupapa involving a motorcyclist and his passenger. Investigations into this accident are continuing.

Officers also attended a motor vehicle crash in Arorangi at 1.22am on Saturday involving the driver of a pick-up truck who collided with the Timberland fence. Police say alcohol was a contributing factor and the driver was taken to hospital for medical examination.

There was another accident in Arorangi at 3.53am on Sunday when a motorcycle was hit by a car. The driver of the motorcar did not stop to help the motorcyclist, but fled the scene. The motorcycle rider sustained injuries to his wrist and legs and was taken to hospital for treatment. Police said alcohol was a major factor in the accident and investigations are continuing.

A police spokesman said it was a concern that some people involved in motor accidents were fleeing the scene rather than facing up to the consequences of their actions.

“Police are seeking assistance and information from the public that may have witnessed these crashes.”

Meanwhile, police thank members of the public for their assistance and cooperation over the weekend. “Please look after our children, be mindful of your neighbours when celebrating, be vigilant in keeping your homes and properties secure, be considerate on the roads and assist us in apprehending these offenders,” a spokesman said.

Anyone with information regarding any of the above incidents or previous incidents should call police on 22499. All information received will be treated as strictly confidential.

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