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Criminal court session fast and short

Monday September 04, 2017 Written by Published in Crime

Criminal court was a fast and short affair last week, with just 12 cases appearing before Justice of the Peace Georgina Williams in the Avarua High Court on Thursday.


The day started with mention of three active bench warrants for defendants who had failed to appear in court.

Joanna Teresa Bevine, who faced an excess breath alcohol charge, was said to have had a bench warrant for her arrest active since late 2015.

Bevine, who had evaded conviction for almost two years, arrived late at court with defence lawyer David McNair.

McNair requested an adjournment, prosecution agreed, and the matter was adjourned till October 5. The bench warrant was cancelled.

The court heard that a bench warrant was also active for Thomas Luke Neal, who was facing one charge of common assault.

Police Prosecutor Senior Sergeant Fairoa Tararo told the court that the incident, which had occurred last year, involved two victims, however Neal had fled the country.

The matter was adjourned till October 5.

A recidivist offender, who is well known to police and was granted leniency in court recently, failed to appear in court.

Trevor Tiro who is facing a charge of being unlawfully found on premises, was summonsed to appear last Thursday, but could not be loated.

On August 2 he was granted probation and given a stern warning by Justice of the Peace, Carmen Temata after he appeared for his third charge of assault on a female.

At that time Temata told Tiro he needed professional help in order to deter him from repeat offending. She said the relevant help could not be obtained in prison and sentenced the defendant to 12 months’ probation.

Temata advised him that should he appear in court again, a jail sentence would be considered.

“You are cautioned that should you fail to meet the probation conditions, you will go straight back into custody,” Temata said.

Following his nonappearance in court last week, Williams granted a bench warrant for his arrest and the matter will be dealt with by the court at a later date.

Another repeat offenda, Alberta Tutakiao appeared on a charge of contempt of court.

Tutakiao also appeared in court last week charged with failing to stop, ascertain and render assistance following accident, but was released on bail.

Appearing in court on Thursday after breaching his bail, Tutakiao was reminded of his bail conditions and released once again.

The matter was adjourned to next Thursday, when Tutakiao will also face other charges.

A young defendant, represented by defence lawyer Mark Short later appeared in connection with a theft that occurred early last week.

After the police prosecution and defence clarified the youngster’s age, Williams acknowledged that the matter should be addressed in Children’s Court.

The matter was adjourned to the next session of Children’s Court and the youngster was stood down.

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