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Busy day for JP as 44 appear in court

Wednesday August 30, 2017 Written by Published in Crime

Justice of the Peace John Whitta dealt with over 44 criminal court cases during Thursday’s session at the Avarua High Court.


Beginning at 9.30am, the busy day opened with new matters and multiple call overs, including three common assault cases and two cases involving careless driving causing bodily injury.

However, possession of drug paraphernalia featured heavily in the proceedings, with seven cases involving possession of utensils for drug use, and two possession of cannabis.

Domestic violence and burglary cases were also prominent, with six cases involving assault on females and six burglary cases.

Teina Tanga appeared on a charge of assault on female. The court heard that the defendant allegedly assaulted his niece – an allegation he still disputed. Represented by defence lawyer, Wilkie Rasmussen, Tanga pleaded not guilty and will appear on October 24 for a defended hearing.

The hearing is anticipated to last a whole day and will be dealt with by a Justice of the Peace.

Imogen Pua Ingram appeared regarding a motor vehicle incident earlier this year.

She entered a plea of not guilty and the case was adjourned to the September sitting of the High Court, where a judge will preside over numerous matters. A date for the sitting is yet to be set.

Hewett Napa, represented by defence lawyer Norman George, pleaded not guilty to a charge of common assault and causing bodily harm with intent to injure. The matter was adjourned to the September sitting of the High Court for a call over,

The court was told the matter would be heard before a New Zealand judge. Both Napa and co-defendant Ngateinakore Kartu, who is charged with causing bodily harm with intent to injure, will face a trial by judge and jury.

Jonathan Elisa appeared before Whitta, in regards on numerous charges, including theft, contempt of court and two counts of assault on female.

Defence counsel Mark Short told the court that he had encountered difficulty contacting his client. He requested one final adjournment so he could consult further with Elisa.

Prosecution agreed, no plea was taken and the matter was adjourned till September 7.

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