Third assault on a female earns offender probation

Thursday August 10, 2017 Written by Published in Crime

A charge of assault on a female landed Trevor Tiro with 12 months’ probation when he appeared in the Avarua High Court before JP Carmen Temata on Wednesday last week.


The court was told it was Tiro’s third appearance for assault on female and that he was a long-time offender.

“As you know, Trevor (Tiro) is not new to this court. He has been through the system a number of times. He has been in prison before and he does have a propensity not to follow orders or requirements that have been issued,” defence lawyer Wilkie Rasmussen said.

Tiro was alleged to have assaulted his partner, with whom he shares a child.

“I think the court is well aware of a number of times charges have been laid against Tiro. However, his partner Mrs George would come in and withdraw her statement and refuse to testify,” said Rasmussen.

“It is a trying relationship, it is not one that I could agree as being strong.”

He said the defendant had previously served three months in the Arorangi Prison for similar offences, but he was unsure whether a custodial sentence would offer Tiro the necessary help.

“Whether you decide that he needs to spend more time in custody or whether he should be given time to mend his ways outside of prison, I am unsure.

“The most important aspect here is that he does need a lot of help, and I think that is something the court should focus on.

“¬¬There should be a possibility for a future with his son,” Rasmussen said.

JP Temata then addressed Tiro: “Upon reading the victim impact statement, the victim claimed this was not the first time you had assaulted her and that this was an ongoing occurrence.

“The victim advised the court that her desire is for her to have a decent life for the sake of both your child,” Temata said.

The court heard that Tiro was currently living with another well-known offender, and not with his family.

“I noted in your probation report that you were previously unemployed. I learned today that you are still unemployed. I would encourage you to look for a job,” Temata said.

She told Tiro he must be held accountable for his actions, so it would deter him and others from similar offending.

“In sentencing today, I was that close to sending you back to prison, but instead recognised your need for professional assistance to help you turn your life around.

“You won’t be able to access professional help in custody, so you won’t be going to prison today,”

Tiro was sentenced to 12 months’ probation, and ordered to pay $20 medical report fees and $50 court costs.

“You are cautioned that should you fail to meet the probation conditions you will go straight back into custody,” Temata said.

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