Early morning brawl results in two arrests

Thursday March 30, 2017 Written by Published in Crime

Police are investigating an early morning brawl outside a bar area in Avarua last Saturday.


Officers responded to the fight and two young males were arrested.

Both were heavily intoxicated, according to police, and were kept overnight in the holding cell.

Others involved in the fight took off from the scene.

Police say they are continuing their investigations into those people.

The Cook Islands Police Service issued a public warning that its officers would not tolerate violence in night clubs and public places “especially when those involved are under the influence of alcohol”. “Our advice to our young people out there is that when you go out to night clubs please enjoy your night out and do not start violence.”

A drunk rider is believed to be to blame for a crash in Arorangi last Friday evening.

Police have laid the blame for the two-motorbike collision on a male rider who failed an alcohol-breath test.

The other rider is believed to have passed the breath test.

The over-the-limit man was arrested by police and was scheduled to appear in the High Court today.

On Sunday morning a female tourist crashed her scooter on the back road intersection at Avatiu.

Police say the woman applied her brakes too suddenly when approaching the stop sign and somehow lost control and fell over.

She suffered minor abrasions on her leg and was transferred to hospital for medical treatment.

Two homes in Vaimaanga have been burgled and expensive items stolen, police say.

The break-ins were reported last Friday.

Two tourists were burgled while they were sleeping and among the items taken were an expensive camera, a mobile phone and a large amount of cash. A second house was also broken into and the owners later discovered the items dumped outside their home, but cash missing.

Police would like assistance from the public on the above cases and ask people to call them on 22-499.

All information received is strictly confidential.

            - Richard Moore/CIPS

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