Weapons crackdown after town stabbing

Monday January 30, 2017 Written by Published in Crime

POLICE ARE to crack down on people who carry weapons on Rarotonga.


The decision comes after a fight occurred outside a nightclub in town on Friday night – believed to be On the Rocks - which resulted in a person being stabbed in the back. Police say the victim was trying to stop the fight when he was stabbed. The CI News understands the man is a bouncer at the venue.

He was treated at Rarotonga Hospital and later discharged. 

Police say they have arrested two people, but their inquiries are continuing into the incident and further arrests are expected.

Commissioner Maara Tetava says: “We will not tolerate this behaviour, or action, and will prosecute anyone who does it.

“As police officers we cannot understand why some people find the need to carry offensive weapons, it is not our way of life.” 

He says: “We are very concerned about the use of an offensive weapon on a person in a public place.

“The offence of carrying an offensive weapon in a public place alone carries a prison term of up to 12 months in prison.

“By causing serious injury the offence carries a term of imprisonment ranging from three years to 14 years.”

Police also responded to another fight that also took place at a second nightclub – understood to be Hidies - on Saturday night. Two females were assaulted.

One person has been arrested and will appear before court this week. Tetava says: “We are disappointed that these two incidents marred what was relatively a crime-free weekend.  Both were fuelled by alcohol and aggressive behaviour. “The violence in our society is unacceptable and I seek the support of everyone to assist us by talking to the younger members of our community about the implications of such actions.

“Our society seems to be changing and it is our responsibility to ensure it remains a safe place for all to enjoy, including our many visitors.”

The commissioner says: “The Cook Islands cannot remain an enjoyable destination if these incidents continue to occur. Some of the recent crimes committed do not send a very positive message.” He made a call for witnesses to the incidents to come forward.

“If you have witnessed, or been involved in, either incident and the police have not spoken to you it would look a lot better if you make contact with the police, before we knock on your door.

“We all have a duty of care for our nation.”

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