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One month in jail for breaching court orders

Saturday October 01, 2016 Written by Published in Crime

COOK ISLANDS High Court is taking a hardline on offenders who continually breach probation and community services.


Justice of Peace John Whitta addressed the matter when Exham George appeared before him for sentencing at the High Court yesterday.

Whitta said the offences committed by George may look minor, but he has been committing them continuously.

He said a line had to be drawn for continuously breaching probation and community services.

George pleaded guilty to three counts of breaching his probationary licence conditions.

 In mitigation, defence counsel David McNair said George was ready for a fine as he works part time. However, probation officer Tuaine Manavaroa informed the court he recommended a custodial sentence.

Whitta said he had given George a chance and a short custodial sentence was important as he hopes George will change for the sake of his family. George was sentenced and convicted to one month in jail.

In another matter, Teaumetua Araipu re-appeared before Whitta for breaching probation.

In August Whitta sentenced her to three months community service, a $100 fine and $30 court costs - and disqualified her driving licence for 12 months – for breaching probation orders and refusing to undergo a breathlyser test. This month, she entered a guilty plea for breaching probation again.

Whitta said a custodial sentencing was appropriate and breaching court orders cannot be tolerated all the time.

He convicted and sentenced Araipu to one month in jail.

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