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Conviction for assault on female

Friday October 28, 2016 Written by Published in Crime

A man charged with assaulting a female was convicted when he appeared in the Cook Islands High Court on October 27.


Vaine Arakua appeared before Justice of Peace John Whitta and pleaded guilty to the charge.

The court heard on July 15 this year at 10.07pm, Arakua returned from work and had an argument with his partner.

Senior Police prosecutor sergeant Fairoa Tararo said Arakura was under the influence of alcohol during the dispute.

“The matter was reported to the police, the defendant argued with his partner, pushed her on the ground and put his knee was on her face.”

Sergeant Tararo said it was evident that the victim’s left cheek was swollen.

Tararo said the defendant admitted the offence.

He said the prosecution acknowledged the defendant’s early guilty plea. Arakura was still with his partner and Tararo recommended a call over after six months for sentencing as the defendant was currently undergoing counseling with a men’s support group.

Defence lawyer Charles Petero said the defendant regretted his actions, understood the seriousness of the offence and had agreed to counseling.

Petero emphasized it was Arakua’s first offence, which he regretted. He was also very remorseful. Whitta convicted Arakua and ordered him to appear in court on April 20 next year for a review of his counseling matters and sentencing.

Tavita Teaurere appeared on eight counts of burglary, five counts of contempt of court, one count of being party to an offence and one of being unlawfully found on premises.

JP Whitta adjourned the case to November 10 to allow prosecution and defence counsel to go over disputed details of the disclosures.

A total of 22 matters were brought before JP Whitta, and driving-related offences continued to top the cases with a total of 10.

Other offences included burglary, theft, unlawfully found, assault on a female, common assault, assaulting a constable and fighting in a public place.


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