Rape cases still under investigation

Tuesday April 19, 2016 Written by Published in Crime

Police are still investigating the two rape cases, including an alleged brutal rape, which took place in Rarotonga last month.


On March 5, a woman in her early 20s was allegedly raped and viciously assaulted in the vicinity of Atupa village in the early hours of the morning.

The victim who had been out socialising with friends’ hours before being attacked and dumped in nearby bush, severely injured. She was treated at Rarotonga Hospital and later released to rest at home.

In another sexual assault case just two weeks later, the victim, who was visiting Rarotonga, was asleep in a tourist accommodation in Ngatangiia when a person allegedly entered her house and raped her.

Police had earlier stated the suspect was well known to the victim. The case was referred to Crown Law office for a legal opinion. On Monday, CI News sent an email asking for an update on these cases and Detective Inspector Areumu Ingaua replied simply that “this matter is still being investigated.”

In an earlier response, Ingaua said police had conducted house-to-house inquiries around the scene and gathered important information relating to the first rape case.

Police had also carried out a forensic examination of the alleged crime scene and had recovered some items, he said.

A number of exhibits were sent to the Environmental Science and Research Limited (ESR) in New Zealand for analysis.


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