Easter marred by drink drivers

Tuesday March 29, 2016 Written by Published in Crime

Police attended to four motor vehicle crashes involving alcohol and speeding over the weekend.


A 32-year-old male driver was arrested for allegedly drink-driving and causing an accident outside Te Ipukarea Society office in Tupapa.

The driver of a motorcycle apparently collided with another motorcycle, resulting in a young male passenger receiving injuries. 

The accused appeared in the High Court on Saturday afternoon and will re-appear on April 14.

Police Inspector John Hosking said investigations were continuing and further charges were likely.

In another accident, a 19-year-old Titikaveka male was hospitalised with serious injuries as a result of a crash which occurred on Sunday morning at about 1.03am on the seawall road.

It is alleged that both alcohol and speed were contributing factors. No other persons were involved and police investigations are continuing.

Yesterday, police received a report of a crash on the main road at Te Vara Nui.

“Motor vehicle crashes whether caused by carelessness, speeding or drink driving are still a major concern to the Cook Islands Police Service,” Hosking said.

“All crashes will be investigated and measures will be taken to ensure road safety remains a priority for all road users.”

Police also attended four domestic violence incidents over the weekend.

On Thursday at about 7.10pm, police were called to a verbal argument in the village of Ngatangiia. Both parties were warned.

A second verbal argument occurred on Friday at about 5.10pm in Takuvaine. 

“Both parties were under the influence of alcohol and hence the disagreement occurred. Both were counseled and warned about their behavior.”

On Friday night at 11.07pm police received an allegation of assault on a female in Avatiu.

“It was alleged a disagreement occurred between two parties, resulting in one of the parties leaving the house,” Hosking said.

‘Later that evening the parties were reunited and an assault occurred. Alcohol was a contributing factor. Police are continuing investigations into this matter.”

The fourth domestic violence incident occurred late Saturday night about 12.50am at a tourist accommodation.

“Police were called to settle an argument between a husband and wife which was being watched by their children. An altercation over a minor loss of property resulted in a heated argument. A positive police result ended with exchange of forgiveness and embracement.”

Hosking is urging victims or witnesses of domestic violence cases to call the police in order to stop violence from happening, especially in the home.

Meanwhile police are concerned at the number of incidents where persons have entered into homes or tourist accommodation with the intent of committing crimes.

Hosking said the first reported incident was received on Friday at 12.16am in Muri, Ngatangiia.

“A mystery person wearing a blue t-shirt and white shorts was seen leaving the premises.

“Police are requesting assistance from the public leading to the identification of this person seen around Ngatangiia at about 8.30pm on Thursday night.”

Please contact the police if you know this person.

A second report of trespassing was received at 10.53am in Titikaveka. Police are hunting for a male described as having medium build, 176cm in height, short hair with a ‘rat tail,’ and wearing a red basketball singlet with white strip.

Police are again requesting information to help identify the person.

On early Sunday an unidentified person paid a visit to a residence in Rangiura, Nikao, resulting in another call to police.

“Police request if owners and visitors take all precautions to prevent this type of unwanted behavior. Take a picture, use your phone to try and identify the culprit,” Hosking said.

“Try to get a description of person including clothing, compare height with yourself including weight, identify if the person was using a vehicle and try to get a number plate.

“Lastly do not approach the person and if this person has disturbed your home do not touch anything, but identify what they have touched and call the police.”

Anyone with information regarding any of the above incidents should call the Cook Islands Police Service on telephone number 22499.

All information received is strictly confidential.  

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