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Drink drivers ignore police pleas

Monday March 14, 2016 Written by Published in Crime

The motoring carnage continues on Rarotonga’s roads with five accidents –  including two involving drink driving – reported to the police over the last week.


Detective Inspector Areumu Ingaua said a male suspected to be under the influence of alcohol veered off the road at the seawall, running into a hedge, last week.

In another drink-drinking incident, a woman was taken to hospital after she fell off her motorbike in the Avarua town area in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Ingaua said she refused to take a breath test and was arrested.

“Police are still focusing on those who continue to drive while disqualified and under the influence of alcohol.

“Not only are drivers who are intoxicated putting their own lives at risk but they are risking the lives of others as well. Police are dedicated to ensure all road users are safe.

“We will continue to conduct check points and also conduct breath tests, even during the day and on Sundays.

“Police urge everyone to use alternative transportation if you wish to drink alcohol. Get home safely and let others be safe too.”

Police also investigated several theft and domestic violence incidents last week.

Ingaua urged people visiting the island’s beaches to look after their personal belongings.

He said a visitor had reported the theft of a backpack containing personal belongings while he was asleep on the beach.

Police were now speaking to tourists and asking them to take care with any items of value while out sightseeing or shopping, he added. 

“A simple backpack is a given opportunity to any offender looking for cash or electronics.”

Officers attended four domestic disputes this week, all involving couples arguing over minor issues.

“Most incidents are over past issues which neither party wants to let go of,” Ingaua said.