Police investigates brutal rape report

Monday March 07, 2016 Written by Published in Crime

A Cook Islands woman in her early 20s received serious injuries after being allegedly raped and brutally assaulted in the vicinity of Atupa village in the early hours of Saturday morning.


CI News was unable to obtain details of the alleged incident from the Cook Islands Police Service, but spoke to friends and family of the woman who claimed she had been out socialising with her friends hours before allegedly being attacked by two men and dumped in a nearby bush.

A medical report had shown the victim was severely injured and had suffered major internal damage. The woman had undergone surgery for more than three hours, a family member said.

Police detective John Strickland said the Cook Islands Police Service was doing everything possible to investigate the crime, but declined to comment, citing “sensitivity.”

Family and friends of the victim are asking the community for any information that could help police capture those responsible. The number to call is 22499. 

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