Police warn of active burglars

Monday November 23, 2015 Written by Published in Crime

A number of burglaries at various locations around the island were reported to police over the weekend.


Valuables stolen included money, mobile phones and other electronic devices.

“Please be warned, there are burglars roaming the island and we want to encourage people to lock away their valuables,” a Cook Islands Police Service spokesman said. “Do not just leave them around on a table or bed which gives the burglars an easy opportunity to steal them.

A large number of people had their motorcycles confiscated after they were caught for drink-driving.  There were also a number of motor vehicle accidents. At 2am on Saturday a red van driven by a male crashed into a brick wall at the bridge at Vai Kapuangi stream.

The driver was the sole occupant and did not sustain any injuries but a blood specimen was taken by a doctor and confirmed that the driver had been drinking.  Inquiries are continuing into the incident.

At 2.48am on Saturday morning, a report was received of a hit and run accident at the Avatiu roundabout. A car collided with motorcycle, then left the scene.

The motorcyclist was helped by a passer-by and transported to hospital where he received treatment for minor injuries on the left side of his face. The incident was alcohol-related and inquiries are continuing.

There was yet another accident 3.18am on Saturday when two vehicles collided outside Raro Fried chicken. One of the vehicles involved was a rental car with four occupants.

Police said the driver of the rental vehicle decided to reverse into an empty space between the stream and the Raro Fried Chicken building.

According to the rental car driver, a white van then reversed quickly back into the right hand side of her vehicle, causing extensive damage. The van driver, who was identified by the complainant, then drove off without checking to see if the car occupants were alright.

No injuries were sustained and inquiries are continuing.

The police spokesman said some drivers continued to ignore police warnings, public campaigns, court reports and an increased police presence over the weekend.

“Some drivers continue to disregard their lives after consuming alcohol and run the risk of injury or death.

“Although no serious crashes happened this weekend police appreciate those who do take notice of the warnings and make alternative transport arrangements if they have been drinking.”

Anyone with information regarding any of these or previous incidents should call Cook Islands Police on 999 (for emergencies) or 22499.

All information received is strictly confidential. 

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