Seven arrests, 17 forbidden drivers

Wednesday October 07, 2015 Written by SW/Release Published in Crime

Messages around responsible drinking are still not being heard by the public, with more drunk drivers and pub brawlers causing mayhem for police.


Throughout the weekend, 17 people had their vehicles confiscated for drunk driving and four were arrested for failing breathalyzer tests.

The four arrested for exceeding the legal alcohol limit while driving will appear in the Rarotonga High Court tomorrow.

Last weekend CI News reported a fight involving 10 people outside Rehab Nightclub and Bar in the early hours of the morning, which resulted in three arrests.

However it seems bar-goers were still undeterred by the larger number of police patrolling Avarua last weekend, with another fight breaking out at the same spot.

A fight was about to start at the area on Saturday when the police intervened, but the main instigator took off from the area.

He was pursued but police say he managed to evade capture. When police officers approached a group to ask for information, one officer was then obstructed and assaulted by two people who were apparently associated with the person that instigated the fight.

One person was arrested for assaulting a police officer, while the other was arrested for obstructing a police officer. Both were held in police custody and appeared in the Rarotonga High Court on Monday.

Police say some island residents are still taking no notice of media warnings that they are taking a zero tolerance attitude to fighting

However, they want to thank all those who have taken heed of the warnings and thought better of risking their safety.

Meanwhile, alcohol is believed to be the main factor behind a crash on the back road in Nikao on Sunday.

The crash, believed to have happened shortly before 1pm, involved a car and a motorcycle, with the motorcycle being hit from behind by the car.

The driver of the motorcycle suffered serious injuries while her male passenger sustained minor injuries. Both were taken to hospital for medical treatment.

Police say the driver of the car was under the influence of alcohol and when tested, was found to be over the prescribed limit. He was arrested and bailed to appear before court tomorrow.

Police are also investigating two incidents of domestic violence reported over the weekend, one involving a couple in a de facto relationship at Tutakimoa and the other involving a family in Avatiu.

The final incident reported over the weekend was a burglary at the Tiare Village in Rangiura.

Police say an intruder was seen in the early hours of Sunday morning before a security light came on and the suspected culprit fled.

The owners of the property have yet to confirm what was taken and the suspect is yet to be identified by police. The matter will now be investigated by the Serious Crime Investigation Division.

Apart from these issues police say the weekend was relatively quiet. However they would like to emphasise to members of our community that they will continue to strictly enforce road safety laws, especially those involving speeding drivers and careless drink-driving.

All of these issues will be highlighted in police safety campaigns during the week. 

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