Break-in ‘an act of evil’

Thursday July 30, 2015 Written by Published in Crime

A local accommodation owner is furious following an attempted break in to her guest homes last week, saying it was ‘an act of evil’.


Mii Kauvai, who owns two homes in Muri, says nothing was stolen but her front door was severely damaged.

“I’m angry, I’m annoyed and I’m sad for my guests. It’s just terrible.”

She says the person responsible for the break-in must have been waiting for the guests to leave, because the incident happened in the two hours that both guests were out.

She says whoever broke in wasn’t smart about it, and caused unnecessary damage.

“The window next to the door was unlocked and could easily have been opened. Instead they smashed a big hole in the front door, but didn’t even take anything.”

The door was completely shattered, and glass was spread right through the house, Kauvai says.

She says the force that was applied to break it must have been quite strong for the glass to go where it did.

“Whoever this person is, I would say it’s someone in the neighbourhood because they would have seen both our guests leave at the same time and made a rush job to break in once they left.”

Kauvai says it was lucky that her guests were understanding and continued to stay in the home.

“The guests came to enjoy the 50th celebrations and have a holiday, and within hours of arriving, this evil thing happened.

“I’m going to go all out to find out who this person is, and I’ll be on the back of the police every day.”

She is warning other accommodation owners to be vigilant, especially during this time, with a huge influx of visitors on the island.

Kauvai says the lights in her guest homes were all turned off, and she is encouraging others to leave a few lights on so it doesn’t look like no-one is home.

“Security lights need to be on, places need to be locked and security measures should be put in place.”

Kauvai says incidents like this shouldn’t happen here on the island, and nobody wants to have to install big security fences or cameras.

“If you’ve got nothing better to do, don’t go doing things like this to other people. We’re a hard working couple and it’s just sad,” she says.

“Let’s just all live in harmony, work hard, make a living and mind our own business.”

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