Rape accused in court

Thursday July 09, 2015 Written by Published in Crime

A man will appear in the Rarotonga High Court today charged with the rape of a Takitumu mama in her early 80's last December.


The man, who has been granted interim name suppression, was arrested yesterday afternoon by Cook Islands Police following a seven month investigation.

Police received a report of the incident at 5.10am on Saturday December 11 last year after the woman was hospitalised.

The victim, reported to be in her early 80s, is a mama from Takitumu who lived alone at the time of the incident.

Detective inspector Areumu Ingaua said a forensic examination of the scene was carried out and a number of items were collected for analysis. 

Police allege the victim was attacked after getting out of bed to check why a kitchen light she normally left  on, was turned off.

Until now, police have been quiet on the matter and Ingaua says this was to ensure nothing intervened with their investigation.

He says police appreciate the information relayed by the community during this investigation, and thanks his detectives for their hard work.

“We couldn’t have done this one our own, we needed the community to help us,” Ingaua says.

Ingaua also noted that there is no time limit when police are investigating a serious crime.

Police have declined to give any more information on the details of the case, saying the matter is now with the courts.


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