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Four in court on assault charges

Wednesday May 20, 2015 Written by Published in Crime

Four people charged with assault appeared before the High Court and Justice of the Peace John Kenning on Thursday May 14.

Anthony Kakino, William Doherty, Andrew George and Ngametua Tiatoa all appeared on charges of assaulting a female. 

Mark Short sought an adjournment until May 28 for his client Kakino counsel as he had only just received the probation report and was awaiting supporting letters from the defendant’s family and friends.

Doherty sought an adjournment for two weeks as his counsel was appearing in the land court and unable to attend. He will reappear on May 28.

George entered a plea of guilty to assaulting a female. A probation report was ordered and George will reappear on June 4 for sentencing.

A bench warrant was ordered for Tiatoa after he failed to appear. 

Twelve traffic-related cases were brought before the High Court on Thursday.  

Morey Junior Vati, Kyle Tamariki, Tuma Mataiti, Ngatokoroa Rimamotu, Ngati Matapo and Luther Zainey all faced charges of driving with excess breath-alcohol

Vati did not appear but was granted an adjournment until May 28. 

Tamariki entered a plea of guilty. Police Prosecutor Tuaine Manavaroa sought a probation report to be provided as it was the defendant’s fourth appearance on similar charges. Tamariki will appear for sentencing on June 4. 

Mataiti was granted a two week adjournment as his counsel was unable to attend court. He will reappear on May 28. 

Defence counsel Mark Short sought an adjournment for his client Rimamotu until May 28, as he only just received disclosure and required more time to review the case. 

Matapo was not in a position to enter a plea and sought approval from the court to seek legal counsel. Matapo was granted a two-week adjournment until May 28. 

Zainey was not present in court but was granted an adjournment until May 28.    

Samuela Karaponga was represented by defence counsel Norman George on a single charge of careless driving. George confirmed he was ready for a defended hearing as the case had been waiting to come before the court for a year. A hearing was scheduled for August 5. 

Bishop Bailey and Renae Metuariki appeared on charges of careless driving. Defence counsel Mark Short sought an adjournment for two weeks until May 28 as both cases still needed to be reviewed and clarified. 

James Kimiora Harry appeared on two separate charges of failing to stop to ascertain and render assistance and careless driving causing bodily harm. George made an application to have this case transferred to the Children’s Court as his client was only 16 years old and at the time of the offence would have been just 15. Harry will reappear on June 3.

Brian Hands Timihonga was convicted and fined $50 plus $30 court costs for driving while disqualified. 

Tukiongo Wright was discharged without conviction on a charge of careless driving. She was represented by a spokesperson, her daughter Natasha Wright.

Okirua Manuela, Areariki Arthur Cowan, Michael Brown, George Keu Fred Maoate, Daniel Akama, Teautapo Ariu, Iti o te ra Matakino, Teokotai Taruia, Krystina Kimiora Tekii Reiger and Matauti Tipoki all appeared on dishonesty charges.

Manuela appeared on charge of theft. An adjournment was granted until June 11 as defence counsel Mark Short had not yet received disclosure.

As Cowan had successfully completed his diversion programme with the Cook Islands Police Department on his first charge of theft, the charge was withdrawn. 

Brown entered a plea of not guilty to a charge of assaulting a female and did not enter pleas to three individual charges of theft, theft by finding and refusing to undergo a breath test. He will reappear on June 4 for a defendant hearing. 

Maoate failed to appear in court on his charges of theft by finding and burglary. A bench warrant was ordered for his arrest. 

Akama did not enter a plea to his charge of unlawfully found on premises. Defence counsel Norman George made an application for Akama’s curfew condition to be removed, saying it had no relevance to the charges. Removal of the curfew was granted.

Matakino was granted an adjournment until June 18 to allow defence counsel Norman Geroge time to review the case files more. 

Taruia who was in custody, appeared on a call over for his nine dishonesty charges. As there were still numerous issues surrounding Taruia’s ability to enter a plea, JP Kenning said Tairua would remain in custody until June 4, to give his defence counsel time to implement ‘alternative arrangements’.

Reiger and Tipoki were both granted adjournments until June 18 to allow defence counsel Mark Short time to sort out details in each case. Both were bailed at large.

Temotu Arioka appeared on two charges of contempt of court. He will remain in custody until June 4 where he will reappear on a call over. 

Travel Tautateopu was convicted and fined $30 and $30 court costs on a charge of using obscene language in a public place. 

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