Burglaries, thefts result in charges

Monday April 13, 2015 Written by Published in Crime

Joseph William Uea, George Maoate, Matauti Tokanoa Lester Aerepo Junior Tipoki, Kristina Kimiora Tekii Rieger and Iti o tera Matakino all appeared in the High Court on individual charges of burglary and theft, on Thursday April 2.

Uea entered a plea of guilty to a charge of burglary. Defence counsel Norman George had a probation report ordered for sentencing later this month.

Maoate, appeared in court after a bench warrant was issued for his arrest when he failed to attend court the previous week. Maoate will reappear in court on April 16. 

Matakino appeared unrepresented on his charge of theft. He did not enter a plea and sought an adjournment until April 23. 

Matauti Tokanoa Lester Aerepo Junior Tipoki and Kristina Kimiora Tekii Rieger were each charged with using a document. 

Tipoki appeared on three counts and defence counsel Mark Short sought an adjournment from the court to familiarise himself with the case. Tipoki was scheduled to reappear on April 23. 

Rieger was charged with seven counts of using a document and was granted a three-week adjournment to allow her to seek legal representation.

Kenneth Tiro, Talimealahi Tuileila, William Wade and Damon Tamariki were each charged with breaching their probation and community service conditions.

Tiro was convicted and fined $100 for breaching his probation conditions, while Tuileila pleaded not guilty. He will reappear in court on June 18 for a defended hearing. Wade’s charge of breaching community service was dismissed.

Tamariki’s case was adjourned for two weeks until April 16 to allow time for a second charge to be laid. 

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