Police have a quiet Easter

Tuesday April 07, 2015 Written by Published in Crime

Police  had a quiet Easter weekend, with no road accidents reported over the four days. 

However they attended three domestic-related callouts, and made one arrest in relation to one of the incidents.

A man who was arrested appeared in court yesterday morning and has been remanded in custody until April 16. 

Police had standard checkpoints dotted around the island over the weekend but reported no major issues with driver behaviour, apart from minor incidents involving speeding, failure to indicate and not following the road rules. 

In Saturday’s CINews, acting Inspector Rebecca Hosking-Ellis said police had caught a string of underage drivers on motorbikes on Rarotonga 


Readers must have taken heed of her warnings of the consequences of underage driving, with police saying yesterday they were not aware of any underage drivers having been apprehended over Easter. 

They also had no issues with the Beach Day Out festival on Good Friday, which attracted a large crowd. 

However police wished to remind drivers to follow the directions of road workers where the Te Mato Vai ring main pipes are being installed.

Police say the ring mains are currently being installed in Tikioki, but work is going ahead quickly around the 


They urged people to slow down and follow the detours marked out by the road workers in these areas.   

A police spokesman said yesterday it was also important for drivers to slow down, use their indicators and be aware of pedestrians at the busy Punanga Nui Market in Avatiu on 


With increasing numbers of visitors on the island, the market attracts a huge amount of traffic.

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