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King to appeal drug charges

Sunday September 01, 2013 Written by Published in Crime
King to appeal drug charges

A woman convicted of drug charges and sentenced to prison in relation to Operation Eagle will be appealing the judgement of her court case.

Last Thursday, Mere King, 56, was sentenced to seven months in jail for one charge each of supplying, and selling cannabis.

Yesterday, King’s legal representation - defence lawyer Charles Petero – confirmed his client’s intention to appeal.

In court last week it was heard that in May 2011, King had provided former New Zealand police officer Mark Franklin with $100 worth of cannabis, who later sold the drugs for the same dollar amount to an undercover police officer.

Franklin was sentenced last week to 12 months in prison after pleading guilty to three charges, including two charges of selling cannabis and one count of offering to sell cannabis.

In handing down his judgement, Justice Colin Doherty said King was “... in the business of supplying cannabis.”

“There needs to be a deterrence sent to others that may think this type of behaviour is acceptable,” he said.

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