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Avana by night

Avana by night

By day, Danilo Reyes is a fulltime mechanic with Island Car and Bike Hire – but like so many Cook Islanders, his job is only a part of who he is.

Four-day working week makes people ‘happier’

The Catholic Bishop says Cook Islanders could move to four-day working weeks.

Older motorcyclists say ‘penalise’ young not old

Pulled over by the police at a check point, 55-year-old Turia Taneao said the officer reminded her of the compulsory helmet law that will come into effect in late June.

‘Cherish every moment’ – family

A proud Cook Islander and a man of kindness, who lived to inspire others and make a difference.

Fire razes restaurant at Aitutaki resort

An early morning fire destroyed parts of an exclusive Aitutaki resort yesterday, costing the business “millions of dollars”.



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Wrecked sailors return home

Wrecked sailors return home