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Man injured in hit and run crash

Monday October 21, 2019 Written by Published in Crime
The motorbike after the incident. It later went missing from the scene. 19102037 The motorbike after the incident. It later went missing from the scene. 19102037

Offender flees the scene after crashing into a motorbike, causing injuries to a young male.

Police last night were still looking for the driver of a red Honda jazz car which was involved in a hit and run crash in Tupapa over the weekend.

A man was badly injured and required medical treatment after the motorbike he was on was allegedly hit by a car at around 6am on Saturday. The incident took place on the main road near Tupapa Health Clinic.

The driver of the car, who was traveling towards town, fled the scene. The same car also reportedly sped past Super Brown in Tupapa thought to have more than one passenger and a witness reported they were loud and may have been drunk.

The victim was attended by a Rarotonga resident and the Cook Islands Security officers.

Cook Islands Security director Chris Denny, who assisted the victim, said police would like the driver of the red car to come forward.

Police yesterday said they were still investigating the incident.

“A young man was riding towards town to work when a red car rammed him from behind sending him flying onto the road. The red car did not stop. He has a massive cut to his forehead,” Denny said.

“We patched him up to stop the massive bleed and waited for the police and ambulance. It was a serious accident, that man was just driving normally when the car came up too fast and hit him from behind.”

Rarotonga resident Putara Putara, who was first on the scene, said he escaped injuries after the motorbike came spinning across the road, narrowly missing him.

Putara said he was heading to work when he witnessed the incident.

He helped the victim, taking him to the Tupapa Outpatient area before the Cook Islands Security team arrived with some medical assistance.

“Totally angry I could not get the plate number of the Red Honda Jazz as he sped off,” Putara replied to a post on the Cook Islands Security Facebook page.

Following Saturday’s incident Chris Denny said it was important for motorcyclists to wear helmets at all times.

“There are just too many hazards on our roads and this is not the first time hit and runs have happened.

“It might not be your fault, but now is the time to wear a helmet because our roads are dangerous. Local people are endangering each other.

“It could have been an old mama or someone with their baby on the back of the bike.”

Denny said it was fortunate they were carrying first aid kits with them and were able to provide medical treatment to the victim who had a massive gash on his forehead.