‘I want to prove I have come to my senses’

Monday September 09, 2019 Written by Published in Crime

A man who has pleaded guilty to going on a burglary spree will have to remain behind bars for until he faces his fate.

Tereanu Teava has admitted two counts of joint burglary, two counts of burglary, five counts of contempt of court and a charge of intent to injure and refusing a breath test.

Defence counsel Mark Short applied for bail on the grounds of employment for Teava. He would work at Taio Construction, he proposed.

Short said bail would be a chance for Teava to prove himself and if he breached the condition he could face jail again.

He said with the employment, Teava would need to comply with his employer’s condition.

However, police prosecutor senior sergeant Fairoa Tararo strongly opposed bail stating that Teava had failed to follow every bail condition imposed on him.

He said Teava had only two weeks, September 20, to wait until he faces his sentencing before Judge Patrick Keane.

He said if granted bail he was bound to face another charge of beaching bail conditions.

Tararo said they feel for the family but Teava has been given a number of opportunities to prove himself. “We feel he be remanded until sentencing," Tararo said.

Short said the two weeks bail could give Teava a chance to prove himself to the judge.

Justice of the Peace Carmen Temata said submissions given by the police and defence held merit and it was a difficult decision for her.

Teranu addressed JP Temata saying he wanted to prove himself. "I want to prove myself I have come to my senses."

After taking around half an hour to make a decision, JP Temata said Teava was a high risk offender facing nine charges.

She denied the bail application and told Teava it is in his best interest that he be in custody.
"I have not taken this lightly, " she said.

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