$1000 fine: Bing bong merrily and high

Friday August 09, 2019 Written by Published in Crime

Semisi Loki was yesterday convicted and sentenced to community service and a $1000 fine for possession of a drug utensil.

He stood before Judge Colin Doherty at the High Court, accused of having a ‘bong’ in his possession as well as contempt of court.

Defence counsel Norman George said his client was an honest man, as he admitted to the charge of having a bong in his possession for the consumption of cannabis.

George said Loki was a cannabis smoker but had stopped smoking since his arrest.

He was employed, earning $250 a week.

Judge Doherty, in delivering Loki’s sentence, said probation and police prosecution recommended community service.

However, rehabilitation did not seem to be a need for Loki.

It was Loki’s first time before the court but was not sure how sorry the accused was. So he further sentenced Loki to three months’ community service.

On the charge of contempt of court, Judge Doherty said the defendant did not follow curfew conditions where he went to a shop close to his home. On that count, he discharged Loki without any further penalty.

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