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Police seize sound gear

Monday April 09, 2018 Written by Published in Crime

The hosts of a noisy wedding party celebration at Betela who failed to heed the advice of the police to turn down the volume of their music, had their sound system confiscated.

Police officers responded to the first complaint about excessive noise shortly after 1am. The hosts were spoken to and a warning was issued, a police spokesman said. Two further complaints followed a short time later and the police were forced to return after 2am. The sound system was removed and the owner will now have to pay a fee for its return,” the spokesman said.

“Police will only provide one opportunity to abide by a noise abatement notice. Confiscated items will be held for at least 24 hours and a fee is payable before release. Being considerate towards others is actually cheaper.”

Police routinely remind the organisers of parties and other social events of the need to keep their neighbours in mind when functions keep going late at night. However, in spite of the warnings, officers are regularly asked to respond to noise complaints in the early hours of the morning.


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