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Police drop charges

Friday March 02, 2018 Written by Published in Crime

Cook Islands Police made a complete U-turn yesterday in relation to the charges of careless driving and not wearing a helmet that were laid against local women Erena Tamaine Betham and Rosaline Van Eijk.

Two bench warrants were issued for the arrest of the women last Thursday after they failed to appear before Justice of the Peace Georgina Williams.

However, it was later revealed by CINews that the women were never issued with a court summons in the first place. One of the women, Rosaline Van Eijk, was even arrested and placed in a holding cell for a short period of time. Police Spokesman Trevor Pitt admitted that the incident was a “regrettable mistake” in an email to CINews.

Yesterday in the High Court, the Police backtracked completely, withdrawing all charges. They said the offending was of a “low level and no victims were involved”. It is unclear if the women will take any action against the Police.

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