Who is Milan Brych?

Saturday October 17, 2015 Written by Staff Reporter Published in Local

“Cancer man” Milan Brych was born Vlastimil Brych on 11 December 1939 in Czechoslovakia, and is responsible for possibly the biggest medical hoax in New Zealand history.


After the 1968 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia he fled to Italy before arriving in New Zealand as a refugee.

Brych claimed he studied medicine at the University of Brno, though it was later revealed he was in fact in prison during this time.

After being removed from the register of New Zealand medical practitioners in 1977, Brych then relocated his controversial cancer treatment to the Cook Islands.

Here he was allowed to practice his secret immunotherapy techniques on cancer patients who travelled from all over the world to his cancer clinic.

Brych relocated to America and in 1980 was convicted of practising medicine without a licence. He was later deported.

It is understood Brych has since resided in Switzerland under a different name.                   

Brych has been highly criticised for his treatment, however he is also hailed as a hero by some patients who believe he cured them.

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