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Tourist properties need better security: minister

Friday February 22, 2013 Written by Published in Crime

The widespread problem of youth crime was discussed briefly in parliament yesterday.

Titikaveka MP Selina Napa asked Police Minister Teariki Heather what measures are in place to sort out the problem of young criminals targeting tourists.

“Crime is actually on the rise. Tourist accommodation keeps on getting broken into and it seems to be ongoing.”

Heather replied plans are in place for the first Tuesday of every month for Rarotonga’s accommodation security guards to report to police about crime they had faced that month.

But Heather said some accommodation providers were not pulling their weight to tackle the country’s crime.

“One of the biggest problems is most motels do not want to spend money to provide security for their property, and that is a big concern.”

Heather said it is up to accommodators to provide security and help deal with the problem as police cannot be expected to be there at all times.

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