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If you can forgive them the name of their business, the idea behind Raro Fluffy Bums is great.

Lying beneath the lime tree

Saturday November 09, 2019

Slowly, family members are piecing together the stories of the men whose graves are being located and restored as Commonwealth War Graves. 

If your kids need surgery at Rarotonga Hospital this month, the woman caring for them will be a familiar face: former Cook Islands Olympic Games flagbearer Ella Nicholas. Losirene Lacanivalu pays her a visit at the hospital.

Reflections off the sea

Saturday November 02, 2019

Voyaging isn’t glamorous. It can be wet, it can be arduous, it can be gross. Spending time on the Pacific on the nation’s sailing vaka, Rachel Reeves’ eyes are opened to the stamina and spirit of the people who settled these islands. They voyaged without power, without communications, without hope of rescue.

Papatua Papatua is one of Cook Islands best-known faces; certainly one of the country’s best-known voices – but his latest work sharing islands tradition with our people across the ocean was new and special even for him. 

Blooming heck!

Friday October 25, 2019

Ingrid Caffery has to hide her rare white and pink orchids from light-fingered trespassers who strip the plants bare. And discovering the beautiful blooms, Anneka Brown can see the temptation!

Te Maeva Nui o Aotearoa New Zealand hosted this inaugural awards and recognitions event, to honour Cook Islands women who have been instrumental in the growth and development of Cook Islanders in New Zealand and across the globe.

Dream weaver

Tuesday October 22, 2019

It was 21 years ago  Mama Tuki suffered her stroke, but she doesn’t let disability stand in her way. 

Sand art, pole dancing, singing, a guitar performance, line dancing and the evergreen spirited Cook Islands culture, added flair and diversity to the Miss Cook Islands talent category. 

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