Growing up, Tere Joseph’s children watched with awe as their formidable mum raised them, worked a senior management job, and helped run a church in their own home.

Rima Browne tells how her mother Tashi Tutai shared different traits with each of her five ‘children of God’.

Pa’ua to the people, no more

Saturday May 02, 2020

Cook Islanders will no longer be permitted to send pa'ua to family and friends overseas, after new evidence revealing just how depleted the populations are. Rachel Reeves reports.

Her diplomatic career has taken her to Mexico City and New York, but five months after stepping in as New Zealand’s acting High Commissioner to Cook Islands, Rachel Bennett and her family have fallen in love with the people, the food and the way of life in Rarotonga. 

Cook Islanders around the world have been essential workers as the countries they live in go into lockdown. Melina Etches tells the story of her sister Ngaoa Etches in Western Australia, Moira Guinea-Beal in Queensland and Katherine Henry in Oregon, USA.

Ahead of Anzac Day commemorations tomorrow, Moana Moeka‘a remembers the army service of four Cook Islanders who have passed away in the past year.

Sarah Marsters comes from a family with a big history. She has spent her life with people with strong personalities like her famous first husband Tom Neale – but the 96-year-old from an island of just 35 people has never been overshadowed. 

From an office in Geneva, Elizabeth Iro is a commander in the battle against the greatest health crisis the world has ever seen. 

Coronavirus shutdowns have hit tourism and restaurants the world over – but what’s that got to do with the price of fish?

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