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When the ‘Sea Devil’ came calling

Tuesday February 06, 2018

One of the most intriguing stories involving the Cook Islands began on Aitutaki on the morning of August 31, 1917, when six smartly-dressed and well-groomed men made an unexpected arrival

Papa T Williams is a Cook Island Maori descended from Rakahanga and Manihiki Islands, from the Northern Group of the Cook Islands. His mother is a New Zealand Maori descended from Ngapuhi, Nga- tiwhatua, and Waikato Maori.

The Business Trade and Investment Board Tropical Easter night market at the Punanga Nui markets on Friday was a huge success.

Islanders underground in Arras

Monday April 24, 2017

Between 1916 and 1917, the New Zealand Tunnelling Company linked an underground system of quarries beneath the Western Front in France, and named them after New Zealand places to help themselves stay oriented underground.

This CI News feature is from part two of a two-part paper, “Rethinking the Cook Islands’ free association agreement with New Zealand.” It was written by Berlin, Germany-based Evelyn Marsters in her capacity as a consultant on international development issues.

Happy blue day for young pupils

Saturday April 08, 2017

Last week Apii Te Uki Ou students showed their support for more education about autism by dressing in blue and participating in an Autism Cook Islands presentation last week.

Torea tere to Alaska via Japan

Saturday April 08, 2017

Gerald McCormack of the Natural Heritage Trust tells the story of a small bird that visits the Cook Islands each year, resting and building up strength for a remarkable flight, all the way to Alaska.

Jon Lindsay, music legend

Saturday April 08, 2017

When legendary Cook Islands musician John Lindsay performed at The Islander Hotel’s Hula Bar late in February, he attracted a good-sized audience of mostly older people, many of whom would have remembered the guitarist/vocalist from the days when he played at Trader Jacks.

A weaver’s journey...

Monday January 16, 2017

This feature was written by Tuaine Bailey (nee Strickland). It describes her journey as a highly skilled and talented weaver, a journey which began on Pukapuka where her father, the well-known educator Mana Strickland was head teacher.

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