OPINION: Growing up, met with vindictive comments whenever we try to learn about our culture, it’s easy to just turn our back on it all – and that’s why the Voyaging Society is struggling for funds and support.

When she was in her 20s, Marjorie Crocombe was barred from Australia by its racist immigration policy. Now, as Cook Islands’ most venerated living author turns 90, she switches off the TV news coverage of BlackLivesMatter protests, and wonders how much has really changed. She talks with Katrina Tanirau.

More than 5000 shell found in office of deceased expert, including surprise finds from Cooks. 

Who polices the Police?

Saturday June 06, 2020

When Police charged John Makuru over a crash that he says wasn’t his fault, he saw red. Now the former NZ Police officer is setting up a private investigation business to second-guess their prosecutions.

Prime Foods turned 10 in April, but Covid-19 forced the celebrations to be put on hold. This week Prime Foods pulled out all the stops to ensure that staff, suppliers and customers were part of the festivities.

The first Mangaia artwork Allan Tuara crafted was a pedestal adze, for his daughter Jackie Tuara for her 21st birthday and graduation in 1990.

The fish aggregation devices deployed by the Ministry of Marine Resources fave become increasingly valuable as the fish have been pushed farther out into areas boats need more fuel to reach. Today, the FADs are revered by fishers. Each has its own Maori name. 

The stories flow from Tapi Taio as he reminisces about the life he has lived.  Telling them, it’s hard to do him justice. He talks with Katrina Tanirau about triumph, adversity, and always having faith.

Debate: Who is a Cook Islander?

Saturday May 30, 2020

Government is consulting on new immigration law changes that widen the definition of a Cook Islander – and that has set the ngiāo among the rupe.

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