Losirene Lacanivalu

Losirene Lacanivalu

Weather Office monitors TC Harold

Thursday April 09, 2020

The Cook Islands Meteorological Service will continue to monitor Tropical Cyclone Harold, even though there is no warning at this stage.

A struggling Matavera man has been sentenced to probation and supervision for 18 months, after stealing $349 of gas, sausages, butter and assorted food.

Theft charges involving just a sack of lemons have raised a bigger question: what happens if people steal to feed themselves in tough times?

Songs for the return home

Thursday April 09, 2020

These are wistful times for Cook Islands families who are dispersed around the world. 

Dengue cases double in March

Wednesday April 08, 2020

Over 100 dengue cases were recorded on Rarotonga last month.

Pacific Covid-19 Updates

Wednesday April 08, 2020


 8 confirmed cases of Covid-19, taking the number of cases in the US territory to 121.

Expat worker Marc Marlon Rebollos stands with tears rolling down his face.

Cook Islands is truly blessed, he says, that there has been no Covid-19 confirmed here. He is speaking to his own Filipino, to the Indonesian and Kiribas communities, to government representatives – about 200 people in total.

Air New Zealand has now cut back its Auckland-Rarotonga flights to just one a week – but the governments of both countries expect the airline to maintain that last connection.

Fiji has confirmed another new Covid-19 case after testing another 25 samples at the Fiji molecular lab.

Fiji now has 14 cases of COVID-19 confirmed and the Fijian Government says they will advise the public as soon as possible should this change.

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