Losirene Lacanivalu

Losirene Lacanivalu

Repeat offender, who tossed a store till at the Social Centre gets hefty jail sentence. 

Coastal construction works similar to those being done in Vaima’anga are underway in Rutaki to manage coastal erosion.

A year and a half ago, former Miss Cook Islands Reihana Koteka-Wiki started planning a project. She called it her “Dream Journal” or “Te Puka Orama”.

We are sailing

Tuesday August 25, 2020

The Avarua and Avatiu harbours are setting-off points for a diaspora this week.

Breast checks how-to clinics

Monday August 24, 2020

Sessions starting tomorrow will coach women on how to check for breast cancers.

A home away from home

Saturday August 22, 2020

They had a dream. The Cook Islands community in Queensland wanted their children to have the same chances as everyone else – and that meant finding a way to nurture them economically and culturally. 

Research in Aitutaki lagoon could change the way dive and snorkel tour operators entice fish around the world. 

New rash of chickenpox cases widens

Saturday August 22, 2020

Cook Islands does not immunise against chickenpox, unlike New Zealand and other countries.

One of the two people involved in an altercation a week ago has been given interim name suppression by the High Court.

OPINION: This is an urgent appeal for leaders to face up to the creative, courageous and often unpopular decisions necessary to address Covid’s economic impacts.

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