Jonathan Milne

Jonathan Milne

Cook Islander John Dunn has been returning home for the past 15 years to help Rarotonga Hospital with much-needed surgery. But, he says, even the groundbreaking surgical procedure he’s piloting isn’t enough to address the country’s obesity epidemic. That requires culture change. 

The new Cook Islands News journalism charter will be a living document. That means we welcome your suggestions – and we invite you to hold us accountable to it.

When I talked to Margie Matenga yesterday, the netball legend was busy with a crying toddler: her grand-daughter Rain, 2, whom she was looking after while Rain’s mum led the Black Pearls into last night’s Pacific Games netball final.

In association with the Ui Ariki, Cook Islands News asked our community what Reo Maori names they would suggest to replace Kuki Airani. Here is a small sample of the ideas.

Pay rises and inflationary price increases: which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

There is mounting support for local photographer Melanie Cooper, after she cut free a bull whose owner had left it tangled up in a rope on her property for three days.

ANZ Cook Islands is named in a major US ‘Wolf of Wall St’ style fraud case.

Jonathan Milne was happy to blithely disregard the advice of those who told him to take care with scooters in the Cooks – until this week, his front wheel started sliding out on the gravel.

POP QUIZ: NaCL is the formula of Sodium chloride, a strongly-flavoured chemical compound that is key to one of the proposed means of disinfecting Rarotonga’s drinking water. Consumed in sufficient quantities it causes poisoning and death.

The swimming team’s admission it recklessly sent four athletes to the Pacific Games in flagrant breach of eligibility rules is not just embarrassing for team management; it is distressing for those now banned from competing.

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