Thomas Tarurongo Wynne

Thomas Tarurongo Wynne

We cannot fool ourselves into thinking full prisons, full hospitals, and empty homes because the parents are both working two jobs is somehow sustainable.

We are a country evolving, and evolving in our relationships with the 50-plus countries we have diplomatic ties with and especially the one we have free association with; New Zealand.

Relevance, this was the question discussed at the Te Koutu Nui Conference this week with regard to our leaders and a question maybe, we can ask also of ourselves. 

As dawn broke at Mauna Kea to the north, and as dawn broke at Ihumatao to the south, sons and daughters of the moana gathered to fight for protection for their sacred lands.

If you tell a lie long enough, people will believe it. That’s why we must take time to form informed positions on debates like chlorine.

There were concerns Ariki were complicit in the loss of Cook Islands Maori self-determination, but in the second part in a series, Thomas Wynne says they played a critical role in improving their people’s health and education.

As we celebrate yesterday’s Ui Ariki holiday, what role do they play in our society?

As Maori we are caretakers not owners.

My family and I marched against the apartheid-backed Springbok Tour – so what stand must we take on Israel Folau?

On the back road away from the sundrenched verandahs and swimming pools, many of our people are struggling from week to week

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