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Vaipae-Tautu mourns loss of a leader

Thursday February 12, 2015

The Democratic Party caucus has announced the death of Democratic Party candidate for Vaipae-Tautu Kete Ioane in Auckland yesterday.

SMOKIES: Try Skype, it’s much cheaper

Wednesday February 04, 2015

Henry Puna travels to Auckland to talk to the shipping companies as a result of Uma Shipping cutting back its services.

Fiji is world’s happiest country

Monday January 05, 2015

SUVA – A study surveying people in 65 countries has found happiness is on the rise globally, with Fiji leading the way.

Kata: Another Appeal

Tuesday December 23, 2014

Smokies: Female MPs

Tuesday December 23, 2014

What a turn of events that Fiji has a greater percentage of women MPs than we do in the Cook Islands.

Smokies: TKV support?

Tuesday December 23, 2014

Great year for  – Takuvaine sports people – rugby union 15s, 7s, netball finals, cricket, now the soccer. Hope the Member of Parliament and Takuvaine community put on a kaikai for them, and I hope it’s not just “shake hands and good you bro”, or “good game fellas”.

Smokies: Where is the Atiu mayor?

Tuesday December 23, 2014

Can the Office of the Prime Minister, who administers the Outer Islands Administration please explain to the people, what is the situation with the recently-convicted Atiu Island mayor?

Smokies: Ego Party?

Tuesday December 23, 2014

Half a million dollars has been allocated by this CIP government to have a year-long party. Seriously, have they gone bonkers....

Smokies: Political Experience

Tuesday December 23, 2014

The letter by Framhein regarding a different option for a coalition is very timely and tallies with rumours that quite a few Demos are unhappy with an alliance with the OCIM.

Smokies: rugby sevens

Tuesday December 23, 2014

Reading the newspaper on Friday about codes that will travel to PNG for SPG, what makes me angry is that the rugby 7s are not going. You have had the last four years to fundraise, also this will be a good chance for our local boys, wake up CIRU. 

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