What a wild weekend that was!

Tuesday November 29, 2016 Written by Published in Weekend
Rubbish of all sorts was swept into the water by Trader Jacks by the downpour. 16112703 Rubbish of all sorts was swept into the water by Trader Jacks by the downpour. 16112703

MORE than 230mm of rain poured down on Rarotonga between Friday afternoon and Saturday evening – that’s 100mm more than the average November monthly level.


The downpour led to surface flooding, the scouring out of potholes on the roads and left large amounts of debris near stream outlets.

The harbour near Trader Jacks was awash with rubbish swept downstream by the tropical rains and on Sunday morning it filled the area for metres off the beach.

On Saturday afternoon airport emergency crews were busy in the pouring rain clearing debris away from the stormwater channel on the inland end of the runway, while locals cleaned coconuts, branches and other items from the road.

Near Matavera five large bases of coconut palms were washed on to the coral beach, while more rubbish piled up on the left-hand side of the stream.

Those venturing to Papua Waterfall were in for a treat, not only was the water pumping down the rock face the best it has been for quite some time, the trip up the road to get there was an adventure in itself. Great gouges in the road surface made it a bumpy and testing journey. The price was still $5 though.

Near the airport seawall ,grass and other debris was caught up in the steel traps between the main road and the concrete ocean partition.

The Meteorological Service said the long-lasting downpours were courtesy of a Tropical Depression that lay between Rarotonga and Palmerston. It was at its worst on Saturday when the storm front passed over us.

The experts say that there is nothing else untoward on our horizons and fine weather is expected for the coming week.


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