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Hot on the Rock

Sisters mind their own beeswax

Saturday July 20, 2019

Two sisters are creating their own natural skincare products and helping drive the sustainability movement.

Pooling resources: Mai’i Central

Saturday August 10, 2019

One evening Paavo Mustonen and wife Tara Kauvai-Mustonen sat at home, watching tourists walking, biking or driving to the Muri Night Market to get something to drink or eat, and to enjoy a night out with family.

Snorkelling in our clear blue lagoon with turtles, sting rays, sharks and an abundance of coral is only a taste of the experience on offer with Josh Utanga.

Bakers get a-round the island

Saturday August 17, 2019

A new bakery outlet opening in Muri will honour a 76 year legacy with a museum dedicated to the generations who’ve run the business, and a few surprises! 

Settle in at Margarita’s and unwind

Sunday September 01, 2019

Looking for a place to unwind and dine on a Friday evening after a hectic week?

Sisters turn Muri into a mecca

Saturday August 24, 2019

People call it the City of Muri – but they might soon have to rename it the Mecca of Muri.

A Divine time in Paradise

Saturday September 07, 2019

Penrhyn-born Poloa Rowe was so inspired by famous hairstylist Vidal Sassoon’s story of triumph over adversity, that she named her cat ‘Vidal’. 

Getting a fix of Love

Saturday September 14, 2019

Coffee, for most of us, is the first thing we think of in the morning.

And for some, that means Love Cafe. “Good coffee, good service, and I love the personalised messages written on the cups – a great way to start your day,” says regular customer Tairi Herrmann.

You shall go to the ball, Cinderella

Saturday October 05, 2019

Exams aren’t far off – and then the big event of the high school social calendar, Tereora College’s end-of-the-year ball.

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