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Hot on the Rock

Good things come to those who wait

Wednesday September 30, 2020

Next Shipment is a new business by locals for locals. 

Feeling loved and comfortable

Saturday August 29, 2020

Mums and dads have new, locally-made options for baby clothes and other supplies.

If Mike Lee can transform himself from a sweary, stressed out restaurant chef to the zen master of kite-boarding, perhaps he can teach Jonathan Milne to stand up on the board.

GO LOCAL: Chris Mussell considers himself an optimist  – he likes to see his glass half-full, he says. Which is probably good, for someone who pours drinks!

Go Local: Like many women, Sonya Kamana loves flowers.

GO LOCAL: Kaota Tuariki saw beauty in ginger (kopi teatea) for the first time when he was shown the root crop by the late Robert Wigmore.

The continued hammering and grinding in the new megastore means staff can’t hear people on the phone – but that’s not stopping the customers.

Eatery renamed Lucky Rooster

Saturday June 01, 2019

A well-known eatery in downtown Avarua has been renamed after one of their regulars. And it is not one of their customers.

Rarotonga Brewery recently celebrated a major milestone in the company’s history. By choosing not to bottle their popular Cook Islands Lager, the company has helped to stop over one million glass bottles from entering the landfill.

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