Jaimie Keay

Jaimie Keay

Smoke Signals

Tuesday October 16, 2018

A smoke signaller wants to know just how close boats can get to visiting whales.

Careers advisor Cindy Milanovic, and Student Care Well-being advisor Sharlene Atai from the Ministry of Education in Rarotonga arrived in Atiu on September 24.

The Pacific Community, Forum Secretariat, and Australia's vocational training project in the region have been raised as potential hosts for a new Pacific Labour Mobility office.

Football R9 kicks off today

Wednesday October 10, 2018

The ninth round of the 2018 Rarotonga football competition kicks off this afternoon.

Smoke Signals

Wednesday October 10, 2018


It seems beyond unbelievable that a civil servant who has been suspended twice from his position as secretary of Marine Resources, should now be appointed to run the Office of the Prime Minister.

On the other side of the lens

Monday October 08, 2018

Continuing to provide opportunities for young people across the performing arts is once again on display for the next generation of film-makers.

Students get handy on sun-shelter

Friday October 05, 2018

The Level 3 Building and Construction students put together a proposal for the school and are now into the building of the fan-shaped design, to offer additional seating and shade space for the school’s students to enjoy.

The next generation of young Cook Islands athletes has been announced to compete at the upcoming Polynesian Championships.

A new sculpture at Royale Takitumu is catching the attention of tourists and locals alike.

Dear Editor,

Now that the war with ghost writers and smoke signalers appear to be waning, the election has come and gone with government losing the election and regaining the Treasury benches (only in the Cook Islands), the Budget is passed and we again have political stability, people are asking where to now with the Paradise Prosperity Plan (PPP) development scoped by Merchant of Paradise (MOP) for the Pa Enua.

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