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Saturday June 06, 2020 Written by Published in Hot on the Rock
Shartika Shal massages the head, with Arti Chaya. PC: SAMUELA NAKA 20060502 Shartika Shal massages the head, with Arti Chaya. PC: SAMUELA NAKA 20060502

GOING LOCAL: Losirene Lacanivalu leaves her worries behind and enjoys a therapeutic massage at the Muri Beach Club Hotel’s Spa.

I have had this back ache and shoulder pain for about two weeks – even antibiotics and painkillers did not work.

A friend suggested getting a massage. And we all know, we could either ask anyone to massage us, go to a mama who’s got some experience, or venture into one of those expensive spas and get a 60-minutes massage.

Well, just my luck! Muri Beach Club Hotel, resumed their spa treatment a week ago with a 50 per cent discount.

Arti Chaya and Shartika Shal. MURI BEACH CLUB HOTEL /20060504

The spa is located at the pool side of the hotel and you can get your treatment in one of the private spa therapy rooms or you can even choose getting a massage on the beach side looking out to the motu.

As I arrived at the spa, I saw some mamas coming out with their pareu and a smile on their face, looking all relaxed, checking out their pedicures and manicures – and just assuring themselves that they have a beautiful week ahead.

You are greeted by the bubbly energetic spa therapist Arti Chaya, who definitely gives you that Pacific Island reassuring smile that you are going to have a great time.

I surely did. With their discount, I managed to get my crooked back relaxed. Chaya just got all those tensed muscles and joints relaxed and to top it up a manicure was all I needed.

The room had a therapeutic sound/ music turned on, giving you a feeling of calmness, you are surrounded with light scented aromatherapy candles and with your face down on the massage table, Chaya will ask if you feel comfortable or if the pressure of her massage technique is too much.

You just have to take slow and deep breaths to get your mind away from all the stress and enjoy the moment.

Chaya has had 10 years of experience working as a spa therapist and moving to Rarotonga four years ago, she says: “With our expert touch and quality products, in this spa environment you are in safe hands.”

Chaya said the benefits of a massage are that you will feel stress free, you will have proper blood flow and circulation if one has regular massages and you will definitely sleep better at night. And I surely did.

Hotel general manager Liana Scott said the spa had been keeping intermittently busy over this time. 

“Obviously a time of stress for those living here means that the knots around the neck and shoulder area start to build up and the deep tissue massage is highly recommended to release that tension,” she said.

Scott said they have two full time staff who in-between keeping their gardens clean watered and tidy, are available for Spa Treatments.

“In fact, our whole menu is available, so from waxing to manicures and pedicures as well as facials, body treatments and our very popular relaxation and deep tissue massages.

“All massages, body treatments, facials are 50per cent off – like such an amazing price – keeping it as affordable as we can (we understand exactly the strain of little or no revenue) and waxing 20 per cent off.”

She said they have changed the schedule around slightly to suit those working, so they are open both the Saturday and Sunday, weekdays can vary so bookings are essential

So, get the total rejuvenation with the Muri Beach Club spa team – and the guarantee is that you will walk out of the spa happy on what you have spent.

* New opening hours for the spa are Tuesday to Thursday, 8am to 4pm. They are open weekends from 10am to 6pm. To enquire, call reception on 23000.  



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