‘In God’s name, we will serve the Bread of Life’

Tuesday March 31, 2020 Written by Published in Hot on the Rock
Jancey’s Bakery team. 19081605 Jancey’s Bakery team. 19081605

It was like the movie Avengers Infinity War: with a flick of the finger, all the customers disappeared.

That is what Jancey’s Bakery team is feeling.

The need to continue serving the people of Rarotonga is a challenge they are facing every day – and that means still providing their tasty doughnuts.

But bakery marketing manager Wallace Aroita says they are revising strategic measures to continue their service and one of these means is home delivery.

On Monday, the bakery put up a post on social media advising the public of their plans for home delivery, then from last Wednesday when Code Yellow was confirmed, only takeaways were allowed – no one was allowed to dine at the store.

Aroita says it’s obvious nobody is around.

“I know we’re not the only one, but for an essential business like us that has a unique personality, we’re feeling the emptiness and loss from a good base of customer visits to no customers.

“If you have seen the movie Avengers Infinity War you would know the reality and normality we had a few weeks ago and with a flick of your finger, everyone just disappears. That’s the experience we just had.”

Aroita says he feels he must reach out to people, because of the obvious instructions that one must stay home.

“Everyone has different opinions and experiences of being instructed to remain at home and in this present time, it’s for the right reason.

“I believe, however, being stuck at home can either be a time to relax and enjoy family time for some people while it can actually be a struggle and stressful time for others who weren’t or aren’t able to prepare themselves.”

Cook Islands is a country of all ages, he says. “People have needs during these times. Our customers will know at Jancey’s we will try our best to meet your needs with specifics of the wide variety products we have.

“From the type of business, we are, I know we can help those in need. We’ve just never asked the question, but have spent the last seven months running our business with expectations that people will come in to us.”

It’s important for them to take their services and products and apply the same value to people beyond the warmth of their store.

“We’ll just have to strategise with all means of safety but we know if we can get people to start talking to us, giving us a call, send a message, that will be a start.”

They are now working with Internal Affairs and coming up with a plan to assist them and the volunteers of the Welfare and Employment Centre due to be set up.

“Right now, both businesses will continue to persevere. In God’s name, we will serve the Bread of Life.”

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