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Saturday November 30, 2019 Written by Published in Hot on the Rock
Elaine Puia has her work station set with essential oils, gem stone beads and charms. 19112930 Elaine Puia has her work station set with essential oils, gem stone beads and charms. 19112930

There’s a story behind the name of a newly-launched business, Stormy Summer Oils. 


Forty-two, pregnant and anxious, Elaine Puia discovered an unexpected solution.

Now, she has returned home to Cook Islands to share her discovery with others. Elaine Puia was raised in Porirua, New Zealand, and had been living in Brisbane Australia – but in August she moved back to Cook Islands.

Puia has started a company, Stormy Summer Oils, selling essential oil blends and diffuser bracelets, two products she uses every day.

Essential oils are concentrated extracts of plants and are popular therapies inhale and rub on the skin.

She’s had customers buying bunches of the semi-precious gem stone bracelets which are also paired with lava rock beads which absorbs essential oils.

“I love making bracelets and teaching people about essential oils, it just brings people of the community together,” says Puia.

Puia originally reached for essential oils to help with eczema but then in early 2017 at 42 years old, when she was pregnant with her 3rd daughter, she found essential oils were the perfect solution for her pregnancy anxiety.

“I knew from the first night I tried peppermint oil and had the best sleep ever that the oils were going to be a part of my life,” says Puia.

She then began her learning journey looking at the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils and how she could help others discover the benefits too.

She’s named her business after her two daughters Stormy and Summer. And soon after, her third daughter Khadine was born.

Essential oils, she says, can dramatically influence your emotions. Puia diffuses lavender oil at night to help everyone sleep better.

There are even some essential oils that help calm respiratory issues like lemon, lime, lemongrass, grapefruit and wild orange oils.

You can make your own custom essential oil diffuser bracelet or find the perfect blend of essential oils with Puia. You can contact her on 77381



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