The men who want to break into your mobile phone

Saturday October 26, 2019 Written by Published in Hot on the Rock
Timwateru Nubono’s technicians Bakateeke Tebwi, left, Takentererei Betero and Tefola Tetika. 19102506 Timwateru Nubono’s technicians Bakateeke Tebwi, left, Takentererei Betero and Tefola Tetika. 19102506

Even police investigators come to TN Technology to “hack” into phones believed to contain incriminating information. 


There’s no one else on the islands that can do it, he says. From German to Russia to China, Timwateru Nubono has expanded his knowledge in the world of “hacking”.

Earlier this year, Nubono completed a month of training in China to learn about iPhone repair at an advanced level. “I’ve gone to learn and gain knowledge,” says Nubono.

He learnt how to recover passwords off iCloud and if people forget their iCloud account or the phone is corrupted, Nubono can repair and restore iPhones, iPads, iPods and MacBooks.

Nubono and his team of technicians can also repair cracked screens on any phone including Apple and Android.

They have successfully restored around 20 people’s iCloud accounts; restoring access to an iPhone is a bigger challenge that takes them half a day.

There are a lot of customers coming into TN Technologies Limited for a range of services including data recovery from old hard drives and computers, recovering phone passwords and network unlocking.

“Some phone are locked to networks overseas and when people bring them here they can use a sim card, we can help people unlock their phone from an overseas network,” says Nubono.

However, there are some risks with Nubono’s services and they are always mindful of stolen phones that come in – but he says they can identity these.

They ask for proof of purchase and they keep an eye out for stolen phone descriptions.

TN Technologies has also been licensed to rent movies out too.

They are also trying to keep their prices as affordable as they can for the local people.

Nubono and his team’s services can even assist Police with phones that they can’t access.

For Nubono, it’s all about quality and he always prevails even with the most difficult hard drives he has had to recover.

TN Technologies Limited is located in Arorangi across from the Kikau Hut restaurant.


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