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Saturday August 03, 2019 Written by Published in Hot on the Rock
Julia Evans was proud to showcase organic and eco-friendly menstrual products at the BCI trade days earlier this week. 19080103 Julia Evans was proud to showcase organic and eco-friendly menstrual products at the BCI trade days earlier this week. 19080103

All it takes is one person to have the confidence to break the ice, says Julia Evans.


The young business owner says it takes less than five minutes of speaking openly about menstruation and periods to break the barriers and misconceptions people have.

Julia is the owner and operator of Redpack, a business she has set up specialising in environmentally friendly, bio-degradable and reusable menstrual products like pads and tampons.

“What makes these products better than your average generic pads and tampons is that these break down in three to five years rather than 500 years,” she says

Another plus, she says is that they are made from biodegradable and eco-friendly cotton which means there will be less risk for contracting toxic shock syndrome associated with the use of generic products.

Julia has committed herself to the global eco movement, the products she is selling are from a New Zealand based company called Organic Initiative which she has exclusive import rights.

She is trying to make these safe and organic products available to all of the pacific islands starting with the Cook Islands.

At the core of what Julia does is advocate for education and awareness around periods or menstruation.

She even has a period starter pack for young girls that can help them learn about how to use certain products and what works for them.

This is information that is not limited to women, the whole family should know, she says.

“In some families only dad is around and dad has a couple of daughters, so it’s always good for dad to know what’s happening,” Julia laughs.

Julia describes how periods have been considered taboo for so long and never talked about.

She remembers a day four years ago when her and her friend couldn’t find any menstrual products in the shops.

Julia says “The stigma associated with periods is extremely high, especially here.”

One product she is pushing is the moon cups she sells, they can be reused and last up to seven to ten years.

The moon cups are made out of medical grade silicone and Julia says there are no health risks when using them.

Julia had her stall set up at the BCI trade days at the Punganui Market, her friendly and open character attracted even the shyest locals to come up and ask about her products.

You can now find Julia products at CITC, Foodland, Kaps, Oasis, City Style, The Goodlife Store and Muri Beach Club Hotel.

You can also contact Julia on her Facebook page, Redpack. 

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